How it works: 6 simple steps

State your problem
Share with friends
Capture Initial Ideas
Use TickleMeThink
Get More Ideas
Wide Range of Solutions

How to get more new ideas

TickleMeThink helps you in 7 ways to get a range of ideas, anytime, any where. No more anxiety about mental blocks. No more worry about predictable ideas. Watch the video tutorial in each section in the app or click here.

How do I

First step to get good ideas; define your problem sharply. TickleMeThink helps you do just that.

Call a friend

What are friends for, if they can’t help us solve our problems? TickleMeThink helps you locate the right friend from your contact list. Some one who may give you a fresh perspective.

Web search

It is now easy to search worldwide for solutions. TickleMeThink helps you do that and get more new ideas for your problem.


Action verbs

An idea is a prescription for action. TickleMeThink prods you with a range of 100 action verbs, presented to you in random. If one verb does not work, just try another.


Sometimes unusual questions give us a jolt and make us think very differently. TickleMeThink shakes you up with a range of 100 Jolts, presented randomly. Your thinking won’t be the same again.


Thought provoking quotations inspire us to think in a manner that we normally don’t. TickleMeThink presents you with 100 carefully chosen quotes, randomly. You now wear a different lens and things don’t look the same again.


Unusual, unpredictable pictures present slices of life from different parts of the world. These 100 evocative pictures in TickleMeThink help you make unusual connections to arrive at fresh ideas.



  • Unfreezes your mind, breaks autopilot thinking
  • Helps you define your problem sharply and share it on social media 
  • Provides 6 Different ways to tickle your brain, get a wide range of ideas for the same problem
  • 100 different Action verbs, Jolts, Quotes and Visuals appear randomly to tickle your brain.
  • Embedded Short video tutorials to show how the techniques help you break autopilot thinking
  • Simply dictate your idea or key it in
  • Share your ideas with colleagues/partners or mail them to yourself
  • Separate folders for each project, so you can revisit them and add more ideas