Einstein’s insight on insanity

 Why do people do the same thing over and over again? There could be a few reasons. One could be the genuine belief that, what they do would be effective.May be they think that it is what people expect them to do.                           […]


Why you don’t have to feel stuck any more

“I am feeling stuck” said my friend, within a few minutes of our meeting. He is Vice-President, Sales and Marketing (Business-to-business), in a large manufacturing organisation. “Why?” “I am working on my presentation and I just can’t get any new ideas on how to make my presentation different. I know there are four of my […]


12 ways to be known beyond your inner circle

When I started out on my own in 2000,  I had to constantly look for ideas to promote my work,  though I had little money.  Ten years after starting up, I find that I am continuing the effort, because it makes business sense and is fun. As Shakespeare said “Charm lies in pursuit, not in […]


How do I overcome my fear of swimming

I just finished dinner and was about to settle down with a book. I received a call from my friend. “Guess who is using TickleMeThink, I just downloaded?” “Tough one friend! I have no clue.” “Let me say it is not an adult.” “Is that your daughter?” “Yes.” “She is not even 10.” “Yes, she […]


How to wow your customers

If you want to know how you can wow your customers, you must first understand what a wow is. Let me start with an example. I was checking into a hotel in New Delhi, some time last year. I had stayed in that hotel five years ago. When I was at the guest desk, a gentleman […]


Dream idea comes true – an iPhone app to get new ideas

This is a story of my dream idea coming true – creating an iPhone app to help people get ideas on the move. For the last 20 years I have been helping people get out of habitual ways of thinking and look at new ways to solve problems,  seize opportunities.  I have conducted more than […]