Case Stories


“The essence of Marketing is differentiation.”

TickleMeThink helps people think differently, and do things better.

Some of the game changing marketing examples from around the world are excellent examples of this philosophy.

We will share such examples here. In addition we will also share examples of how people got new ideas for a marketing problem/challenge/opportunity using TickleMeThink.

If you wish to share your TickleMeThink marketing story write to me at

I look forward to hearing from you.


“People like you and me. Not employees”

The best practices in HR are moving towards treating ‘employees’ as individuals – people like you and me. We will share here stories that have worked to attract good talent, retain them and grow them.


“There is more to manufacturing than making things.”

Raising the bar. Doing things never tried before. Improving quality. Improving efficiences. Reducing costs. Eradicating waste. Improving safety. Reducing cycle time. And many more. Challenges in Manufacturing are many.

We shall here interesting ideas that have worked in cracking some of these challenges.


“Finance is the oxygen that keeps businesses alive.”

In a fast changing world the way business must manage money is difficult for many to comprehend. And managing finance is not just about managing money alone. There are several challenges that require solutions that go beyond the tried and tested. Thinking differently is as important here.

We will share interesting stories here from the world of finance.


“The health of a business depends on its robust sales”


“Logistics: The art of juggling a million things”


“An idea that worked for me”