How do I overcome my fear of swimming

Nicola Fear

I just finished dinner and was about to settle down with a book.

I received a call from my friend.

“Guess who is using TickleMeThink, I just downloaded?”

“Tough one friend! I have no clue.”

“Let me say it is not an adult.”

“Is that your daughter?”


“She is not even 10.”

“Yes, she insists that she will use it first.Ā Of course I am typing the stuff but she is doing the thinking.”

“And what is she working on?”

“How do I overcome my fear of swimming”

“And is the app helping her get ideas?”

“She had a few ideas. Now she wants to use Call a friend. She saw your name on my contact list. So she wanted to ask for some ideas from you.”

“Why me? Does she know me?”

“No. She liked the idea of talking to another person with her Daddy’s name!”

My friend’s daughter and I had a nice chat. She had excellent questions and finally she got three ideas after a 10 minute conversation.

1. Become good friends with the swimming coach. Because if you know her, and like her, you will feel confident that she will take care of you.

2. Talk to other friends who learnt swimming recently. Ask how they overcame their fears.

3. Think about some other fear you had but it does not bother you any more. How did that fear go away?.

She was happy that she got 3 new ideas.

I spoke to her father later.

“How did you think of using TickleMeThink with your daughter?”

“I just downloaded it and she was watching me do that.”

“Would you use that again with her?”

“I think so. It was fun and she did not feel that I was teaching her anything. There were no rights or wrongs. She was talking all the time.”

“Is there any other comment you have on TickleMeThink?”

“Frankly I was not sure if it would work with kids. The call she made to you helped me understand how this can work. I am going to check this out with one of my business issues.”

“What else will you use it for?”

“I guess I can use it for any issue that I am grappling with. I may not get clear ideas all the time. But I would have got a break and some new perspectives, new angles. That is what is important. I think every tickle is like a new lens and it will show me a new possibility.”

“Thank you.”

“I must thank you for that chat with my daughter. She is feeling so good, that you listened to her.”


*Picture Courtesy Nicola – under Creative Commons License.