Unfreeze your stubborn mind with a new iPhone app – TickleMethink

Helps you define problems sharply, think differently, get more ideas quickly

Click here to buy TickleMeThink now!

Click here to buy TickleMeThink now!

You are a busy creative professional. May be a designer. Or an architect. Or a journalist. Or an art director. Or a photographer. Or a copywriter. Or a media specialist. Or an Innovative Marketer. Or a bold Strategic Thinker. Or a Consultant with a difference. Or a Visionary Entrepreneur.

You thrive on your ability to think differently and generate new ideas fast. TickleMeThink is an iPhone app designed for creative professionals like you. It is designed using simple thinking tools and techniques that gently nudge your brain to look at different perspectives.

7 new ways to think differently

Once you have defined your problem, you start thinking of some quick ideas. A little while later you are beginning to slow down. You feel you are running dry. That is when TickleMeThink can help you with its 7 different ways.




TickleMeThink helps you in 7 ways to get a range of ideas, anytime, any where. No more anxiety about mental blocks. No more worry about predictable ideas. Watch the video tutorial in each section in the app or click here.

How do I

First step to get good ideas; define your problem sharply. TickleMeThink helps you do just that.

Call a friend

What are friends for, if they can’t help us solve our problems? TickleMeThink helps you locate the right friend from your contact list. Some one who may give you a fresh perspective.

Web search


Power of connecting the apparently unconnected

It is now easy to search worldwide for solutions. TickleMeThink helps you do that and get more ideas for your problem

Action verbs

An idea is a prescription for action. TickleMeThink prods you with a range of 100 action verbs, presented to you in random. If one verb does not work, just try another.


Sometimes unusual questions give us a jolt and make us think very differently. TickleMeThink shakes you up with a range of 100 Jolts,  presented randomly. Your thinking won’t be the same again.


Thought provoking quotations inspire us to think in a manner that we normally don’t. TickleMeThink presents you with 100 carefully c  chosen quotes, randomly. You now wear a different lens and things don’t look the same again.


Unusual, unpredictable pictures present slices of life from different parts of the world. Every one of these 100 evocative pictures in TickleMeThink, helps you make unexpected  connections to arrive some nice, fresh ideas.

Click here to buy TickleMeThink now!

Click here to buy TickleMeThink now!



Short video tutorials – educate and inspire

Video Tutorials

TickleMeThink has 7 embedded Video Tutorials. Each tutorial is short and quickly explains how each technique works for you and helps you get a wide variety of ideas. You could get as many as 40 different ideas for a single problem, instead of just 10!

Crowd Sourcing 

Once you have defined your problem sharply, you could share the only one line problem statement on your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  You suddenly have a huge pool of talented people giving you ideas for solving your problem!

Speak or write option

When you have an idea you could just think aloud and record it as a voice memo.

Or you could key it in, if you wish.

Separate folders for each project

You could be working on several projects. You can save your ideas for each project in a separate folder. You can open these folders later and add more new ideas as they occur.

Share your ideas

You can your ideas on each project with your colleagues/associates/partners. You can either share the complete folder with all the ideas or share specific ideas with the appropriate people. It is your choice!

Or you could simply mail the ideas to yourself, so that you can integrate this with other material on the project, in your computer.

Just US $ 4.99/Rs. 270

That is all TickleMeThink costs. And you have in return a friendly coach with you all the time to help you think differently, get ideas quickly and solve problems effectively.

Click here to buy TickleMeThink now!

Read what users say about TickleMeThink

Customer Reviews – USA

Productivity Builder ★★★★★

by Happy Strategist – Version 1.0 – Aug 8, 2013

I have used this App multiple times over the past few weeks to aid with problem solving and work on strategy projects. It has saved me at least 5 hours of time by allowing me to focus while managing the framework. Thanks RSridhar for some fantastic thought into how this interface could result in great ideas. Impressive.

Tickle your way to Health ★★★★★

by Ravi Iyer MD – Version 1.0 – Jun 19, 2013

The greatest breakthrough that using this App is likely to do for you is in the area of lifestyle behavior transformation. In my field the biggest block to people living healthy is their mindset…. and TickleMeThink may be just the tool to tease them out of it….. Where indeed would you find the opportunity to transform yourself for the price if a Starbuck’s coffee?

Customer Reviews – India

Wow ★★★★★

by Jamescor – Version 1.0 – Jun 11, 2013

This is what I was looking for. Simple easy to use and enables focused approach.

Creative Director ★★★★★

by VSRS1174 – Version 1.0 – Jun 7, 2013

Love the sheer simplicity of the app. Happily the ‘Tickles’ actually work. Some of the pictures are stunning. Tried on 2 problems; in both cases got different angles. The video tutorials were good.

Makarand Kulkarni, Ether Design, Bangalore, India

“The app design is quite neat and tidy and phenomenally simple, almost the Apple way of doing things. It did remind me of creative workshops that I have attended in the past. The best part is that with this app the usual fade-away effect can be stopped once the workshop is over.It eliminates the whole willpower that human beings need to be continuously at it. I quite liked that.

I also like the way you have structured the app so precisely. It has all the tricks and yet does not go on endlessly – closing every loop that one opens in a swift way.”

Dr Ravi Iyer, MD, The Iyer Clinic, Washington USA

“At $4.99 it is not your mindless run of the mill $0.99c App that you download only to consume your iPhone’s storage space..… But then again where would you find the opportunity to transform yourself for the price of a Starbuck’s coffee?” 

Ms Lulu Raghavan, Managing Director, Landor, India

“It is my go-to app every time I feel stuck. It has almost always helped me in looking at things differently, resulting in a fresh crop of ideas.”

Lakshmipathy Bhat, Director at Code Conclave, prolific blogger and avowed fan of all things Apple, Bangalore, India

Not only tickles, but makes you productive as well” saysRead his complete review here.

The Hindu Business Line Review, July 2, 2013

“The app only provides a variety of stimuli. Thus, ultimately, it is you who creates the new ideas!” - The Hindu Business Line Review, July 2, 2013

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5% of the sales proceeds goes to building creative thinking and problem solving skills amongst children. When you buy the app, you also help a child think better.  Every little drop counts. Thank you.